How to create a nation of start-ups: the inside guide to Israel’s economic miracle

start-up nation

By Roger Trapp  Thanks to the ongoing hostilities with its Middle East neighbours, Israel is one of the most reported on countries in the world. Indeed, there is such extensive coverage of the almost continuous unrest in the region, and the associated political machinations, that it is sometimes hard to imagine that there is anything [...]

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Living in a world without jobs (and we don’t mean Steve)


By Roger Trapp. As the Eurozone crisis lurches from one supposedly critical meeting to the next, it is becoming increasingly clear why the rest of the world is looking on with some anxiety. Without “the prospect of growth” (in the words of Luxembourg’s prime minister, Claude Juncker) there is really little prospect of tackling a problem [...]

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4 steps to avoid making recessionary times even worse for business


The conventional approach to recession – and one, incidentally, encouraged by consultants and other experts the world over – is to batten down the hatches and stick to the basics while waiting for a return to “business as usual”. But, according to PA Consulting, this is a formula for failure. The group’s “Managing Uncertainty” survey [...]

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25 companies who prove the future is more predictable than we think


By John Owrid One industry that is always in full bloom at the start of every year is the prediction  business. The top 10 trends for 2012 are now available for pretty much every commercial sector, whether in mainstream parts of the economy (like marketing) or in more niche areas (like 3D printing). Notwithstanding the [...]

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How robots are changing the fundamentals of the workplace


In the fictional world, robots generally out-manoeuvre humans at every turn. In reality, they still have some way to go. For example simply powering an autonomous robot is a nightmare; current battery technology allows a robot maybe 20 minutes of life and visual sensors are costly and erratic, which is one of the reasons that [...]

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Why companies are preparing to do battle in a new war for talent


It is nearly 15 years since the management consultancy McKinsey & Co coined the phrase “the war for talent” and unleashed a whole new concept in business. Until 1997, it is not too far-fetched to say, “talent” was something confined to the stage or the screen or perhaps the sports field. Now, talk of talent [...]

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Will crowdfunding help create more ambitious companies?


By John Owrid Entrepreneurial networks have been buzzing about crowdfunding. In many instances, this has been going on for some time, certainly since the growth of this alternative approach to business funding first became noticeable in the latter years of the last decade. However, there is a sense that crowdfunding might now be approaching a [...]

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Why companies of the future will encourage employees to stay away from work

working anywhere

Many would question whether the world needs another week dedicated to raising awareness of an issue. After all, the year must already be close to full up with weeks dealing with everything from various forms of cancer to sausages and a whole lot in between. But like it or not, in the UK February 2012 [...]

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10 reasons why brand owners are becoming the new venture capitalists

By John Owrid As new business funding becomes an increasingly vexed issue on a global scale, there are signs that brand owners might prove to be an unlikely new source of capital for startups. Stepping into the funding vacuum that surrounds new venture ecospheres a number of global brands are not only financing early-stage companies but [...]

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