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10 years ago a group of UK analysts and economists were challenged with the task of predicting the business world of 2010. They obviously didn’t foresee the banking crisis and the recession this triggered, but in many other respects they proved that even if you can’t see economic tsunamis you might at least get a better sense of where they’ll come from.

As it turned out they got a lot of 2010 right from the perspective of the year 2000.

  • the emergence of a real  ‘e-economy’
  • faster nimbler firms driven by technology
  • bigger companies shrinking to scale.
  • more IP-based businesses,
  • outsourcing of public sector services
  • a steady flow of over-50s needing second careers. T

10 years on this blog has a similar ambition. We cross examine significant commercial trends that could shape the way businesses will behave in the decade ahead and look into what might take root and propagate further as well as the impact of more discontinuous change and left-field events.

The blog’s principal contributors are all experts in understanding and interpreting the way businesses behave, whether as writers, economists, researchers and practitioners in disciplines that deal with business behaviour.


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