Why companies are preparing to do battle in a new war for talent


It is nearly 15 years since the management consultancy McKinsey & Co coined the phrase “the war for talent” and unleashed a whole new concept in business. Until 1997, it is not too far-fetched to say, “talent” was something confined to the stage or the screen or perhaps the sports field. Now, talk of talent [...]

Why companies of the future will encourage employees to stay away from work

working anywhere

Many would question whether the world needs another week dedicated to raising awareness of an issue. After all, the year must already be close to full up with weeks dealing with everything from various forms of cancer to sausages and a whole lot in between. But like it or not, in the UK February 2012 [...]

30 companies join forces to search out the future of work


There is no shortage of pundits prepared to have a pop at telling us what the world will look like in five, 10 or 15 years’ time. But, while many make one-off predictions, Lynda Gratton is one who sees predicting the future as a more continuous process. As the subtitle of her latest book, “The [...]

5 reasons to worry about your Klout score, as social influence comes of age


The idea of categorising people according to their level of social influence may be as old as the hills and the subject of extensive academic research in fields as diverse as politics, psychology, biology and economics. Yet the ability to measure social influence and equip it with statistical credibility appears to be entering a new [...]

The workplace makes room for Generation Y

Examining career opportunities might be harder than getting good grades

It has become customary for people of a certain age to talk dismissively of the generation currently opening their exam results with more than a little trepidation. Sure, they work harder at school and university these days, but have they really got have what it takes to succeed in the world of work? Whilst acknowledging [...]

Get set for the FTSE 5 Million to replace the SME market


In the UK there are just under 5 million businesses that don’t figure on the FTSE index that could prove to be increasingly critical to the economic recovery. The same is true for many other leading countries. They’ll provide most of the new jobs, contribute more than half of GDP and keep over half of [...]

The new meaning of labour


The fragmentation of the UK’s workforce is a long established trend that is unlikely to change during the next decade. Big companies simply won’t be able to absorb all the extra workers produced by a projected 5 million increase in Britain’s population by 2020. By then there are likely to be 6 million SMEs in [...]


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