Why companies of the future will encourage employees to stay away from work

working anywhere

Many would question whether the world needs another week dedicated to raising awareness of an issue. After all, the year must already be close to full up with weeks dealing with everything from various forms of cancer to sausages and a whole lot in between. But like it or not, in the UK February 2012 [...]

The small needs of big companies

Cisco is hoping that Silicon Valley can be replicated in the UK

Plenty of large corporates have come to realise that they have much to gain from a thriving small business sector. Much commentary may suggest that the business world is some kind of David and Goliath fight between the nimble, customer-focused SMEs on the one hand and staid, bureaucratic organisations on the other. The reality, however, [...]

The office closes for business

Is this the future of working life?

By 2020, the business enterprise as we currently understand it – an organisation containing all the people, knowledge and other resources it needs to compete with its rivals – will probably be in marked decline. Some businesses – notably in the technology field but also in such areas as fast-moving consumer goods – are already [...]


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