Will crowdfunding help create more ambitious companies?


Entrepreneurial networks have been buzzing about crowdfunding. In many instances, this has been going on for some time, certainly since the growth of this alternative approach to business funding first became noticeable in the latter years of the last decade. However, there is a sense that crowdfunding might now be approaching a game-changing point, where [...]

10 reasons why brand owners are becoming the new venture capitalists

As new business funding becomes an increasingly vexed issue on a global scale, there are signs that brand owners might prove to be an unlikely new source of capital for startups. Stepping into the funding vacuum that surrounds new venture ecospheres a number of global brands are not only financing early-stage companies but even going a [...]

New ideas about overseas aid may offer lessons for Eurozone debt.


It is a brave person who dares to question the appropriateness of developed countries donating billions of dollars a year to nations deemed to be poor. Hence the fact that Britain’s Coalition Government, while imposing “austerity policies” at home, has protected the country’s aid budget in a move that will see it rise to £11.5bn [...]

3 Reasons why business without confidence could be permanently here to stay.

business confidence 1

There appears to have been a significant shift in the relevance of business confidence as an indicator of company behaviour, which could have big implications for the way economies respond to the current economic downturn. Evidence from a number of recent business trackers suggests that the disparity between how companies feel about the future and the [...]

The 36 CEOs set to shape the companies of tomorrow

Michael Beer

These are not good days for chief executives looking to feel loved. With many of the world’s economies stuck in the doldrums and many employees struggling to make ends meet. Even if they can hang on to their jobs, they are as a group still enjoying the sort of handsome rewards that would still attract [...]

Is time running out for the export agenda?


There is increasing concern that companies that aren’t currently trading in new global markets will find it much harder to get involved in a decade’s time. So quickly is the economic focus of the world moving away from the West that the train may have long left the station by the time many companies start to [...]

Top 5 characteristics of disruptive innovators


The recent stock market volatility has been motivated at least in part by worries about where growth in major industrialised countries is going to come from. But the growth issue is not just stalking governments. It is a serious cause of concern for individual companies, too. Hitherto, many executives have managed to make figures look [...]

Trade moves beyond supply meets demand

trade war

Trade – the lifeblood of the connected economy – has become something of a vexed issue in recent years. And there is no reason to believe that the tensions will ease. As an article in the Financial Times (10 November 2010) points out, at the heart of the problem is a growing imbalance in trade [...]

Business without banking

The already strained relationship between banks and business is unlikely to improve as the effects of the financial crisis continue to be felt, with banks less willing to take risks and more inclined to repair their own balance sheets. At the same time, businesses of all sizes are expected to reduce their debt. This is [...]


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