How to create a nation of start-ups: the inside guide to Israel’s economic miracle

start-up nation

By Roger Trapp  Thanks to the ongoing hostilities with its Middle East neighbours, Israel is one of the most reported on countries in the world. Indeed, there is such extensive coverage of the almost continuous unrest in the region, and the associated political machinations, that it is sometimes hard to imagine that there is anything [...]

25 companies who prove the future is more predictable than we think


By John Owrid One industry that is always in full bloom at the start of every year is the prediction  business. The top 10 trends for 2012 are now available for pretty much every commercial sector, whether in mainstream parts of the economy (like marketing) or in more niche areas (like 3D printing). Notwithstanding the [...]

Why companies are preparing to do battle in a new war for talent


It is nearly 15 years since the management consultancy McKinsey & Co coined the phrase “the war for talent” and unleashed a whole new concept in business. Until 1997, it is not too far-fetched to say, “talent” was something confined to the stage or the screen or perhaps the sports field. Now, talk of talent [...]

30 companies join forces to search out the future of work


There is no shortage of pundits prepared to have a pop at telling us what the world will look like in five, 10 or 15 years’ time. But, while many make one-off predictions, Lynda Gratton is one who sees predicting the future as a more continuous process. As the subtitle of her latest book, “The [...]

10 trends shaping the communications agency of the future

phd 1

Technology has already dramatically changed the communications industry. Yet an even bigger evolution in the way communications agencies work appears to be just around the corner. A thought provoking new book ’2016: Beyond The Horizon’ by leading media agency PHD paints a new picture of the future marketing and advertising industry. This week we have an exclusive [...]

The 36 CEOs set to shape the companies of tomorrow

Michael Beer

These are not good days for chief executives looking to feel loved. With many of the world’s economies stuck in the doldrums and many employees struggling to make ends meet. Even if they can hang on to their jobs, they are as a group still enjoying the sort of handsome rewards that would still attract [...]

10 reasons entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the past

Samson Fox's invention

Entrepreneurs have often had mixed feelings about the past. In 1916  the great automobile pioneer Henry Ford declared ‘history is more or less bunk. It’s tradition. We don’t want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker’s dam is the history we made today.’ What Ford acknowledged [...]

Top 10 SMEs learn that social media grows the bottom line

independent book shop in south London

New insight from Experian, the global information services company, shows which of the UK’s small and medium sized companies grew most online in the last year.  Whilst this latest report suggests that online behaviour will increasingly be key to SME growth, it’s also clear that the next 10 years is likely to see a widening [...]

Get set for the FTSE 5 Million to replace the SME market


In the UK there are just under 5 million businesses that don’t figure on the FTSE index that could prove to be increasingly critical to the economic recovery. The same is true for many other leading countries. They’ll provide most of the new jobs, contribute more than half of GDP and keep over half of [...]

The hybrid organisation and the cloud make virtual work reality

index b

This week we look behind the theoretical arguments for working more virtually to see what companies are doing in practice. We also look at some of the latest innovations in work technology that might shape the way businesses go about their day-to-day activities over the next 10 years…. the silver lining in the cloud Shine [...]


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