10 reasons why brand owners are becoming the new venture capitalists

As new business funding becomes an increasingly vexed issue on a global scale, there are signs that brand owners might prove to be an unlikely new source of capital for startups. Stepping into the funding vacuum that surrounds new venture ecospheres a number of global brands are not only financing early-stage companies but even going a [...]

Smart meters offer companies 3 new lessons in competitive advantage


To most people, it appears, smart technology is confined to those mobile phones and other portable electronic devices that are increasingly capable of doing a lot more than just making and receiving phone calls. Sure, smartphones are a key component in the technological revolution, but just as important – from a business point of view [...]

Innovation reaches the fork in the road

pickled sausage

Innovation, we are always told, is the way to succeed in modern business. In a world where it often appears that just about every conceivable product or service is already available this is, of course, easier said than done. And yet organisations are continually exhorted to come up with new things and new approaches. And [...]

Science of innovation: the top 5 strategies for growth


Innovation is arguably the most over-used and misused term in business. There is barely an organisation in the world that does not claim to be, or at least aspire to be, innovative. Yet the claims in favour of putting innovation at the centre of any business plan now look harder than ever to challenge. Competition [...]

The future of business networks


Earlier this year Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of Linked In, sent an email thanking 100 million people for ‘linking in’. Each recipient was also given their unique membership number. But is such non-exclusive company actually worth keeping? Probably not if that’s where the story ends, which is just as well as it doesn’t. Numerically it’s still [...]

Businesses finally get social media

social_network_logos 2

The rise in social media has been as dramatic as it was unexpected. In just a few years, companies such as Facebook and Twitter have helped transform how people communicate and the way businesses promote themselves. Indeed companies that have embraced social media are more likely to have seen their turnover and headcount grow than [...]

Collaboration takes root, innovation takes off


It is likely that the key personnel in offices of the future will be a new breed of administrative specialist who will act as the link between the various parts of more amorphous, almost semi-detached organisations. Such people will be responsible for such activities as integrating information and ensuring its easy access for a variety [...]


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