10 reasons why brand owners are becoming the new venture capitalists

As new business funding becomes an increasingly vexed issue on a global scale, there are signs that brand owners might prove to be an unlikely new source of capital for startups. Stepping into the funding vacuum that surrounds new venture ecospheres a number of global brands are not only financing early-stage companies but even going a [...]

Is the net promoter question the one most companies need to answer?

Rob Markey of Bain

All companies claim to be dedicated to customer service. Many even state this aim in their mission statements, slogans or advertising. But few actually come anywhere near achieving it. For most of us, the “wow” experiences are far, far outweighed by the memories of seemingly endless queues while those supposedly serving us get on with [...]

Smart meters offer companies 3 new lessons in competitive advantage


To most people, it appears, smart technology is confined to those mobile phones and other portable electronic devices that are increasingly capable of doing a lot more than just making and receiving phone calls. Sure, smartphones are a key component in the technological revolution, but just as important – from a business point of view [...]

The top 10 trends shaping the media landscape of the next 5 years.

media landscape

It is scarcely conceivable that only 50 years ago we were embracing the biggest and most explosive phase of passive media consumption ever, with the launch of commercial television. In the next five years the idea of media ever being passive will seem rather bizarre, such is the rate of transformation of channel and content [...]

5 reasons to worry about your Klout score, as social influence comes of age


The idea of categorising people according to their level of social influence may be as old as the hills and the subject of extensive academic research in fields as diverse as politics, psychology, biology and economics. Yet the ability to measure social influence and equip it with statistical credibility appears to be entering a new [...]

10 trends shaping the communications agency of the future

phd 1

Technology has already dramatically changed the communications industry. Yet an even bigger evolution in the way communications agencies work appears to be just around the corner. A thought provoking new book ’2016: Beyond The Horizon’ by leading media agency PHD paints a new picture of the future marketing and advertising industry. This week we have an exclusive [...]

What the London riots say about the future of business

riot 1

Of all the questions raised by the recent UK riots, one is likely to linger longer than most. Why did retail businesses become the focus of the disturbances and what does this tell us about the future? In many respects a riot is a type of public census, albeit one involving an unusual form of [...]

Top 5 characteristics of disruptive innovators


The recent stock market volatility has been motivated at least in part by worries about where growth in major industrialised countries is going to come from. But the growth issue is not just stalking governments. It is a serious cause of concern for individual companies, too. Hitherto, many executives have managed to make figures look [...]

Top 10 SMEs learn that social media grows the bottom line

independent book shop in south London

New insight from Experian, the global information services company, shows which of the UK’s small and medium sized companies grew most online in the last year.  Whilst this latest report suggests that online behaviour will increasingly be key to SME growth, it’s also clear that the next 10 years is likely to see a widening [...]

The Mad Men of the 2020 advertising industry


The advertising world has become quite retrospective of late. Perhaps the fictional world of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce has set the tone. A frighteningly accurate depiction of early agency life reminds us that today’s industry came from a very different age. This was an age where the challenge of conceiving original ideas was just as great as [...]


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