The top 10 trends shaping the media landscape of the next 5 years.

media landscape

It is scarcely conceivable that only 50 years ago we were embracing the biggest and most explosive phase of passive media consumption ever, with the launch of commercial television. In the next five years the idea of media ever being passive will seem rather bizarre, such is the rate of transformation of channel and content [...]

The Mad Men of the 2020 advertising industry


The advertising world has become quite retrospective of late. Perhaps the fictional world of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce has set the tone. A frighteningly accurate depiction of early agency life reminds us that today’s industry came from a very different age. This was an age where the challenge of conceiving original ideas was just as great as [...]

The language of business


The language of business has always reflected the prevailing fashions in business thinking at any point in time. Not so very long ago the dominant fashionistas were the great business schools of Harvard, INSEAD, Yale, Stanford and MIT, who introduced to the world a new commercial lexicon, populated by acronymns like TQM, CRM, JITD, These [...]


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