The top 10 trends shaping the media landscape of the next 5 years.

media landscape

It is scarcely conceivable that only 50 years ago we were embracing the biggest and most explosive phase of passive media consumption ever, with the launch of commercial television. In the next five years the idea of media ever being passive will seem rather bizarre, such is the rate of transformation of channel and content [...]

The dash to replace cash with automated transactions


The way we pay for goods and services will be markedly different in a decade’s time. Recognisable mediums for transactions like cash and credit and debit cards will still be with us, but their use is likely to decline as technology delivers alternative ways of moving money around. Whilst the front end of this revolution [...]

The smartphone


In this fast-moving new world perhaps the biggest surprise has been the speed at which mobile devices have taken over from personal computers and laptops as the main means of accessing the worldwide web. It is predicted that by 2015 more people will gain access to the internet via mobile devices than via desktop PCs. [...]


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