Retailers grow by 49% on the electronic high street


The attention given to the state of the high street as an indicator of economic health is looking increasingly misplaced. According to Skrill, the company behind online payments provider Moneybookers, online retailers enjoyed “a scorching summer” while more traditional rivals reported a more dismal season with sales only up 1.5 per cent. A similar picture [...]

Is time running out for the export agenda?


There is increasing concern that companies that aren’t currently trading in new global markets will find it much harder to get involved in a decade’s time. So quickly is the economic focus of the world moving away from the West that the train may have long left the station by the time many companies start to [...]

British retailers scramble to dial M for commerce

Ian Patterson, Digipos Store Solutions

These are – as the Chinese proverb would have it – interesting times for the retail sector in the UK. Stores groups that been used to sustained growth on the back of shopping seemingly becoming the new religion for many Brits are suddenly having to adjust to a nation with reduced spending power and apparently [...]

The dash to replace cash with automated transactions


The way we pay for goods and services will be markedly different in a decade’s time. Recognisable mediums for transactions like cash and credit and debit cards will still be with us, but their use is likely to decline as technology delivers alternative ways of moving money around. Whilst the front end of this revolution [...]

Trade moves beyond supply meets demand

trade war

Trade – the lifeblood of the connected economy – has become something of a vexed issue in recent years. And there is no reason to believe that the tensions will ease. As an article in the Financial Times (10 November 2010) points out, at the heart of the problem is a growing imbalance in trade [...]

The smartphone


In this fast-moving new world perhaps the biggest surprise has been the speed at which mobile devices have taken over from personal computers and laptops as the main means of accessing the worldwide web. It is predicted that by 2015 more people will gain access to the internet via mobile devices than via desktop PCs. [...]


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