From virtual offices to virtual cities

Dame Stephanie Shirley

Telecommuting or home working and its predicted rise has not materialised. A new survey by flexible workplace specialist Regus has found that only 1.6% of people who work for large employers work from home – most (63.5%) still commute to an office four or five days each week. The surprising thing is that only 1 [...]

The city gets a new lease of life

Vancouver often tops the 'liveability' index but is it really an archetype for cities of the future?

When Monocle magazine, the glossy chronicler of culture and design, published its fifth annual global “quality of life” survey in June 2011 it promised a few surprises. In truth, though, the top 10 included many favourites of previous lists. Helsinki (first this year, but fifth in the previous two); Zurich (second this time, and third [...]


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