3 Reasons why business without confidence could be permanently here to stay.

business confidence 1

There appears to have been a significant shift in the relevance of business confidence as an indicator of company behaviour, which could have big implications for the way economies respond to the current economic downturn. Evidence from a number of recent business trackers suggests that the disparity between how companies feel about the future and the [...]

Get set for the FTSE 5 Million to replace the SME market


In the UK there are just under 5 million businesses that don’t figure on the FTSE index that could prove to be increasingly critical to the economic recovery. The same is true for many other leading countries. They’ll provide most of the new jobs, contribute more than half of GDP and keep over half of [...]

The small needs of big companies

Cisco is hoping that Silicon Valley can be replicated in the UK

Plenty of large corporates have come to realise that they have much to gain from a thriving small business sector. Much commentary may suggest that the business world is some kind of David and Goliath fight between the nimble, customer-focused SMEs on the one hand and staid, bureaucratic organisations on the other. The reality, however, [...]


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