The top 10 trends shaping the media landscape of the next 5 years.

media landscape

It is scarcely conceivable that only 50 years ago we were embracing the biggest and most explosive phase of passive media consumption ever, with the launch of commercial television. In the next five years the idea of media ever being passive will seem rather bizarre, such is the rate of transformation of channel and content [...]

5 reasons to worry about your Klout score, as social influence comes of age


The idea of categorising people according to their level of social influence may be as old as the hills and the subject of extensive academic research in fields as diverse as politics, psychology, biology and economics. Yet the ability to measure social influence and equip it with statistical credibility appears to be entering a new [...]

Top 10 SMEs learn that social media grows the bottom line

independent book shop in south London

New insight from Experian, the global information services company, shows which of the UK’s small and medium sized companies grew most online in the last year.  Whilst this latest report suggests that online behaviour will increasingly be key to SME growth, it’s also clear that the next 10 years is likely to see a widening [...]


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